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Welcome to the Tredz Guides and Reviews page. Here you’ll find our latest reviews of the best cycling products, helpful buyers guides and highlighted products. We review the latest bikes and accessories, handpick our favourites. There is a range of buyers guides to help you make the right choice.

Scott Genius eRide 920

Scott Genius eRide

Scott have thoroughly redesigned the Genius eRide ebike for 2020. With its dialled trail geometry the this eMTB is great for those who want the feel of a proper trail bike with the added boost of an electric pedal-assist motor to help with the climbs.

Read Review | 19th December 2019

Scott Strike eRide 920

Scott Strike eRide

With the Strike eRide, Scott have taken a different take on the electric mountain bike than most other brands. This e bike is ideal for those who are looking for a comfortable off-road exploring machine rather than a thrill-seeking e bike.

Read Review | 19th December 2019

Scott Speedster Gravel Review

Scott Speedster Gravel

The Scott Speedster Gravel is based on Scott’s endurance road bike, the Speedster. It shares a very similar geometry as the Speedster endurance road bike, just with a slightly longer chainstay.

Read Review | 2nd December 2019

Scott Ransom Review

Scott Ransom

In the ten years that the Ransom has been away from Scott’s line-up, the mountain biking world has changed. Part of the new breed of long travel 29ers this new bike has taken all these changes on board.

Read Review | 29th November 2019

Cannondale CAADX Road Bike

Cannondale CAADX

The Cannondale CAADX is an aluminium cyclocross bike, built to be a fantastic racer, with honed geometry, made to give you the competitive edge. It’s not only made for racing, however. For commuting purposes, it could be the ultimate bike.

Read Review | 13th Nov 2019

Giant Stance Review

Giant Stance Review

Giant has completely redesigned the Stance for 2020. There are four models in the range, two 29er’s and two 27.5 bikes. With 130mm of front travel and 120mm rear, the Stance is Giant’s entry-level full-suspension bike.

Read Review | 12th November 2019

Giant TCR Advanced Range Review

Giant TCR Advanced 

The Giant TCR Advanced is a thoroughly modern, yet classic road race bike that combines raw speed with impeccable handling characteristics. Each model in the range features a carbon composite frame that offers impressive levels of lateral stiffness.

Read Review | 8th November 2019

cannondale tredwell neo

Cannondale Treadwell Neo

This e bike strikes and nice balance between upright comfort and playful handling making it both easy and enjoyable to ride. The simplicity of the Ebikemotion motor make it a favourite of ours here at Tredz.

Read Review | 4th November 2019

Giant Defy Advanced road bike

Giant Defy Advanced

The Giant Defy Advanced combines a smooth ride and comfortable riding position with immediate power transfer. The Defy Advanced is built to take on the likes of the Paris-Roubaix classic road race, with its rough cobbled sections, so makes a fine bike for uneven and difficult roads.

Read Review | 4th November 2019

Ragley Blue Pig Review

Ragley Blue Pig

Ragley has been designing hardtails with progressive geometry since 2008, often from steel and with the emphasis on fun. The Blue Pig is no different.

Read Review | 24th October 2019

Giant Fathom hardtail mountain bike

Giant Fathom

With short stems, wide handlebars, tubeless tyres and dropper posts both these hardtail MTBs are ready for some serious trail fun straight out of the box. Prices around the £1,000 mark make the Fathom an affordable alternative to a full suss MTB.

Read Review | 17th October 2019

Giant Contend 2017 road bike

Giant Contend 

The Contend is Giant’s entry-level road bike that combines great performance with incredible value for money. Designed for all-round riding, the Giant Contend we review here combines the comfortable riding position of an endurance bike with the nimble handling of a road racer.

Read Review | 25th OCtober 2019

Giant Trance mountain bike

Giant Trance

The Giant Trance and Trance 29 are very capable full sus MTBs that are ideal for trail centre loops and light enough for cross country adventures. It’s the do-it-all trail bike for every ride.

Read Review | 7th Oct 2019

Liv Intrigue Women's full sus mountain bike

Liv Intrigue

A long-travel trail bike designed specifically for women, the Intrigue sits between the cross-country oriented Pique and the enduro focused Hail in Liv’s full suspension mountain bike line-up. The Intrigue offers capable performance on every type of trail, so is ideal for riders who want one-bike-to-do-it-all.

Read Review | 1st October 2019

Cannondale CAAD Optimo Review

Cannondale CAAD Optimo

The Cannondale CAAD Optimo reviewed here takes many benefits seen on the higher tier CAAD 13 and carries them into this entry-level race bike.

Read Review | 17th Sept 2019

Orbea Wild FS Review

Orbea Wild FS

With its long, low, slack geometry and progressive suspension kinematics, the Orbea Wild FS is built for proper mountain biking.

Read Review | 16th September 2019

Marin Headlands Review

Marin Headlands

The brand new Marin headlands is up for review, a carbon fibre gravel bike from MTB stalwarts Marin.

Read Review | 5th September 2019

Marin Pine Mountain

Marin Pine Mountain

Here we review the all-new Pine Mountain from Marin, a classic steel hardtail that packs modern trail riding ability in with a lot of versatility. This year sees two models in the range.

Read Review | 4th September 2019

Kona Process 153

Kona Process 153

The 2020 Kona Process 153 reviewed here is the latest evolution of a platform that has won applause from the MTB press for its grin-inducing ride characteristics and build kit.

Read Review | 3rd September 2019

Cannondale Trail NEO

Cannondale Trail NEO

Based on the very popular Trail hardtail, the Cannondale Trail Neo is an electric mountain bike that offers a great way to ride off-road with a less effort.

Read Review | 4th September 2019

Kona Remote 160 Review

Kona Remote 160

The Remote 160 we review here is Kona’s first enduro e bike. This new electric mountain bike is an evolution of the very popular Process platform.

Read Review | 2nd September 2019

Cannondale CAAD13 Review

Cannondale CAAD13

Taking their alloy frame building prowess to the next level the CAAD13 is Cannondales most advanced aluminium bike. True race machines these bikes have the same geometry as the Super Six EVO with a ride quality to rival carbon.

Read Review | 29th August 2019

Marin Rift Zone Review

Marin Rift Zone 

The new Marin Rift Zone is an excellent example of a short travel 29er. The entry level models are very affordable while still offering a capable component spec to go with the great frame geometry.

Read Review | 27th August 2019

Cannondale SuperSix Evo Review

Cannondale SuperSix Evo

Cannondale’s SuperSix has long been part of the American brand’s stable of fast road race bikes. This newest version of the venerable race bike gives a nod to aerodynamic tubing, claiming to be faster than ever.

Read Review | 9th August 2019

Cannondale Habit NEO

Cannondale Habit NEO

The Habit from Cannondale was one of the most fun bikes to ride this past year. It’s part of the new breed of 29er trail bikes with modern geometry that keeps the fun alive.

Read Review | 20th July 2019

Marin Mount Vision

Marin Mount Vision

Building on the heritage of the Mount Vision, Marin take things to the next level with the Naild R3ACT 2 Play system.

Read Review | 17th July 2019

Merida EOne Forty Review

Merida EOne Forty  

If you want to take on challenging climbs and all-day adventures, the eOne Forty is a great choice.

Read Review | 29th July  2019

Merida EOne Sixty Review

Merida EOne Sixty

For tackling challenging trails and all-day epics, the eOne Sixty is a great choice, bolstering not only your power but also confidence and ride time.

Read Review | 25th July  2019

Specialized Turbo Creo

Specialized Turbo Creo

With its smooth and quiet delivery, the Turbo SL motor gives you just the right amount of power for an authentic ride experience.

Read Review | 16th July 2019

Best Electric Road Bikes

Best Electric Road Bikes

Electric road bikes have come a long way since their first incarnations. We have been riding them lately from the ultra-powerful crank drive versions to the new breed of sleek, hub driven models now made.

Read More  | 21st March 2019

Best Alloy Mountain Bikes

Best Alloy Mountain Bikes

One of the questions you might be asking yourself before buying a new bike is what frame material should you go for. Over the years we have seen the price on carbon fibre frames come down to suit more riders, but the alloy v carbon discussion is still hotly debated.

Read More  | 1st March 2019

Suspension Forks Guide

Suspension Forks Guide

A new suspension fork is one of the most noticeable and worthy upgrades you can make to your mountain bike. A higher quality fork will be able to deal with more difficult terrain, remaining composed on the trail.

Read More  | 1st March 2019

Best Trail Mountain Bikes

Best Trail Mountain Bikes

Trail mountain bikes have come a long way since simply being a longer travel cross country bikes. Modern trail bikes can rival enduro bikes in ability over technically demanding terrain but retain the agility and all-day comfort that made them shine.

Read More  | 12th March 2019

Mountain Bike Wheels Guide

Mountain Bike Wheels Guide

MTB wheels are available in different diameters with different size hubs. While some bikes, like the Scott Genius are compatible with both 650b+ and 29” wheels, most bikes are designed to work with a specific wheel size.

Read More  | 30th January 2019

rear shocks guide

Rear Shocks Guide

For full suspension bikes, rear wheel travel. There are two types of shocks, Air shocks & Coil shocks. They are named by the type of spring used. The ride can be dramatically improved with an upgraded shock.

Read More  | 16th January 2019

Reflective Clothing Guide

Reflective Clothing Guide

Reflective cycling clothing is one of the best ways to be seen while you are riding on the road at night. While bike lights are an essential, nothing will make you stand out better on busy city streets at night.

Read More  | 8th January 2019

Long Finger Gloves Buying Guide

Long Finger Gloves Guide

Long finger cycling gloves come in many different styles and designs. For fast road cyclists, hard-hitting mountain bikers and daily commuters, finding the right glove for the conditions and your riding style is key.

Read More  | 30th November 2018

Mountain Bike Shoe Guide

Mountain Bike Shoe Guide

Mountain bike shoes are built tough to stand up to the rigours of off-road riding. Soles are stiff for efficient pedalling but tend to have more flexibility than road cycling shoes.

Read More  | 28th November 2018

Long Sleeve Jersey Guide

Long Sleeve Jersey Guide

For those cooler rides a long sleeve jersey is what you need to stay comfortable on the bike. Some zippered road cycling jerseys have extra thermal properties for more warmth on those really cold days.

Read More  | 29th November 2018

MTB rider in Baggy Shorts

MTB Shorts Guide

Baggy cycling shorts are ideal for all sorts of cycling from mountain bike riding to urban commuting. While cross-country mountain bikers prefer lycra, most MTB shorts are baggy and give you a more casual look.

Read More | 15th November 2018

mtb helmet guide

MTB Helmet Guide

A mountain bike helmet needs to protect your head, while being comfortable enough to wear all day long. Fit and venting are key, & we will look into this further below, helmets meet the min safety standard.

Read More | 7th November 2018

road helmet guide

Road Helmet Guide

Wearing a road helmet while cycling is the best way to maximise your safety. All our road helmets meet minimum EU safety standard. What you pay for is reduced weight and enhanced safety features.

Read More | 7th November 2018

Mudguard Guide

Mudguard Guide

Mudguards help keep you warm and dry in the wetter months while also protecting your bike from mud, grit and spray. For commuters they are essential, road cyclists will enjoy being dry & comfortable.

Read Review | 29th October 2018

Best Road Clipless Pedals

Best Road Clipless Pedals

Using road clipless pedals vastly improve the performance and efficiency of your road riding. Offering better support for improved efficiency, clipless road pedals feature a large cleat that is attached to your shoe.

Read More | 30th September 2018

Flat Pedal Guide

Flat Pedal Guide

Also known as flat pedals, designed for MTB and BMX riding. Platform pedals offer great foot support. They come in different shapes and sizes some with a more concave shape to suit rider preference.

Read More | 18th September 2018

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